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Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome to Grocery Smarts

If you are new to shopping smart, this is the best place to begin...

How do I shop smart? It is so easy! I use a free website service that helps me plan my weekly shopping list. Then, I get coupon inserts from the Sunday paper (1 for each person in my family, I get 4). And, by combining the online shopping lists with the coupons, I save hundreds of dollars each month on my groceries! Four papers seems like a lot, but don't worry... at my classes I teach you how to cut your grocery bill in half AND can also hook you up with a sweet deal on the Review Journal! Continue reading or check out my FAQ's post to learn more.

Did you already attend a class?

So, you just attended my Coupon Class and you're pumped up to save and are excited to get started! I decided to put this blog together in order to stay connected with you and give ongoing support and ideas to keep you as motivated next month as you are today.

Where do you go from here?

First things first... you need to get over to the Grocery Smarts website, enter in my passport code g89cls and print off a shopping list! If you just started a newspaper subscription to get the coupons, you'll have to be patient for the first few weeks while your collection of coupons grows. Each Sunday you'll get more inserts and each week you'll find yourself saving more. Within about a month, you will have a nice pile of inserts to pull coupons from and will start noticing a real difference on what you spend at the store.

Then, over the course of the next few months, you'll notice your pantry will start filling up. Your drawers will start filling up and every spare spot you have on a shelf or in a cupboard will be filled with the food and products your family consumes each day. Your hubby (and your piggy bank) will love how much you are saving and you'll love that you have a nice stash of family supplies and food storage that builds each week. And, it'll be so satisfying to know you did it for less, much less!

So, bookmark my blog and check back often for weekly tips and to see what I buy each week from the lists. By seeing my scenarios, it'll help give you ideas on how you can better use the list to maximize your savings. Welcome aboard!

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