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Friday, May 29, 2009

Get Your Papers & Earn FREE Groceries

Why on earth would someone want more than one paper? Since part of the couponing concept I teach is to have one set of coupons for each person in your home, getting the right number of papers for your family is a key part in multiplying your savings! Plus, if you order your papers from me at one of my classes, you can earn free groceries (a gift card to Albertsons) depending on how many papers you get.

Current Gift Card Incentives for subscribing through me...

$5 Gift Card for ordering 2
$10 Gift Card for ordering 3
$20 Gift Card for ordering 4 or more!

Can you call me, order over the phone and still get a gift card? Whether you've been to a class or not, this is a perfect opportunity to get your papers started AND still take advantage of my gift card incentives! Call me, mention this post and I will honor my gift card incentives for your phone order! When we connect, you can also peg me down to answer any questions you have, we can go over subscription rates (as little as $0.75 for each extra Sunday paper per week), or you can even earn free groceries by booking a class to learn more!

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