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Thursday, July 2, 2009


The SINGLE BEST WAY to learn how to SHOP SMART and SAVE BIG is at one of my coupon classes.

Basically, at a class I teach the basic concept of couponing, how to stay organized in less than 5 minutes a week (really, I promise), how to use the Grocery Smarts website (so easy you'll faint) and how by following a few super simple rules you'll be able to cut your grocery bill in half and start SAVING HUNDREDS immediately!

I teach the class in your home with your family and friends, but also teach church or women's groups as well. Minimum attendance required is 8 moms to hold a class, but I prefer groups of 15 or more. Then, so you can start getting the coupons you'll need, I also offer supreme discounts and incentives on the Sunday Only paper (as little as $0.75 per Sunday paper... Crazy, I know)! I can also take orders over the phone if you can't wait to get your papers going!

Grocery Smarts has rolled out a new incentive program for all hostess as a way to say THANKS. I will go over all incentives over the phone when you call to book your class, but does FREE groceries sound enticing!!!

To schedule a class call me at 702-417-1540 or e-mail me at

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